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Project examplesPneumatic / mechanicsHardwareSoftwareManufacturing / testRegulatory approval*
APL-valves Anesthesia Delivery Systems
Drive Gas Block Anesthesia Delivery Systems
Suction Systems Anesthesia Delivery Systems and Reanimation
Gas dosing Anesthesia Delivery Systems
Electronic gas dosing
Pneumatic gas dosing
Patient Circuits Anesthesia Delivery Systems
Oxygen dosing, pneumatic
Oxygen dosing, electronic version
Emergency ventilation
Precision valves Reanimation
Drive for surgical instruments
Drive for ECMO systems
Safety valves Anesthesia Delivery Systems
PEEP valves
Vaporizer brackets
Neonatal resuscitation units
N2O sedation system
Gas selector valves
GUI programming
Stand-alone gas supply for drug-device combination
CPAP systems


Project inquiry

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